About the Bulk Shopping

For companies and organizations shopping, you can enjoy the corresponding discount when the order quantity up to a certain amount, will not be calculated by the existing transportation costs on our site.

Preferential policies: (please note the following points)

Online order 6 pcs items,is free shipping

1, Order 6-15 items: will get the prices marked on the website.
2, Order 16-25 items:Total price will get 6% off.
3, Order 26-35 items:Total price will get 10% off.
4, Order 36-50 items:Total price will get 13% off.
5, Order 51-80 items:Total price will get 16% off

6, Order over 80 items:Total price will get 20% off.


Tips for bulk shopping:
(1). The Shopping amount mentioned above is just the sum of the product price, does not include shipping costs.
(2) We can not guarantee 100% available for the prodcuts on our site, as all of the prodcuts are from the factory directly, but   we will email and notify our customers for the replacement of products if there is anything out of stock.
(3) When receive the package and any damages, please tell us promptly, we will provide compensation after confirmed.!